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Keith with girlsMoon while running away from the party because he was de-pants, tripped, fell and knocked out a front tooth. Moon spent the most of the rest of the night at the dentist's office getting his tooth fixed.
Winter 1967, The Who released the album The Who Sell Out a tribute to pirate radio and its ad jingles. Sell Out featured Entwistle-Moon advertisement jingles among Pete Townshend's songs.


Moon's "Girl's Eyes" was released on the Sell Out re-issue. Moon's drumming is transcendent on "I Can See For Miles."
May 1969, The Who released the double album Tommy. Moon came up with the idea of the holiday camp that was used in the song cycle with Keith singing "Tommy's Holiday Camp," a Townshend song based on Moon's holiday camp idea. Tommy is a deaf, dumb, and blind kid who becomes a Messiah and later is forsaken by his followers. "Amazing Journey/Sparks" "Underture" and "Smash the Mirror," are Moon’s notable performances. "Pinball Wizard" released as a single from Tommy had the b-side of "Dogs Part 2," a Moon composition that featured a drum break throughout the song with dogs barking the lead vocal. Moon also sang on "Cousin Kevin Model Child" which was released on the re-issue of Odds & Sods.


Keith Moon on drumsAugust 1969, The Who played Woodstock that has been described as their worst gig ever, yet, Moon gave an outstanding performance particularly on "Sparks," "Acid Queen" and "I'm Free."
January 1970, Neil Boland, Moon's driver, was accidentally killed in a melee with Skinheads. While Boland was outside of Moon's Bentley trying to clear an exit from the Skinheads, Moon took the wheel and stepped on the accelerator. Moon accidentally ran over Boland and killed him. Subsequently, Moon was depressed and some say he was never the same. Moon stated, "I'll always have his death on my conscience."

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