Keith Moon's Biography continued

Keith on drumsAutumn of 1961, Moon bought his first drum kit, a pearl blue Premier kit. Moon began practicing on his own. In 1962 Moon would gain admission to the Music Club at the Oldfield Hotel where Moon would watch various drummers and in particular, Screaming Lord Sutch and the Savages' drummer, Carlo Little. Moon asked Little for drum lessons and Moon would take lessons from Little for a few months.


Summer of 1962, Moon would play in a band called the Escorts. A member of the Escorts recalled, "The way he decided to play drums was outrageous. But he emulated Carlo Little and was the only person to do so. He was a real character. Madness bordering on genius." In December 1962, Moon responded to an ad for a drummer in the band called the Beachcombers, who despite their name were not a surf band. Moon, nicknamed "Weasel," enjoyed an 18 month stint with the band.


Keith Moon on drumsMoon was such an intense drummer that six inch nails were hammered into the stage to fasten his kit with rope.
By mid-1963, Moon became an obsessive surf music fan to the extent that Moon imported from America surf records by Dick Dale, the Chantays and the Beach Boys to England. From late 1962 to his fateful spring of 1964, Moon worked at British Gypsum where Keith answered phones and processed sales orders. In April 1964, drummer Doug Sandom left The Who. Moon auditioned for The Who and was invited to join the band. For a couple of weeks, Moon would play in both the Beachcombers and The Who. Alf Moon was very much against his son leaving the stable Beachcombers for the explosive Who.


Recalling Moon's departure from the Beachcombers, their rhythm guitarist stated, "Keith was going to go forward because he couldn't do anything else. He was a showman drummer, that was it. I always think he was the best drummer in the world, even with us."

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