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Keith Moon smoking a fagSummer 1978, The Who released the album Who Are You with Moon singing a bit on "Guitar and Pen." During one of the recording sessions when Moon was struggling, Keith declared, "I am the best Keith Moon style drummer . . ." Moon's drumming drives the title track. Chillingly, the album cover has Keith Moon sitting on a chair that states, "Not to be Taken Away. Posthumously in 1979, The Who released the feature films, Quadrophenia with Keith Moon as Executive Producer and The Kids Are Alright, with Keith Moon as a featured performer. In Kids, Moon, in response to the director asking for the truth, states tellingly, "No, I mean, the truth as you want to hear it. I can't do that. You couldn't afford me


Keith's fooling aroundKeith Moon is rock and roll's greatest drummer. Moon's fills, rolls, patterns and toms' work pushed rock drumming beyond the limits of the then rock drummer. From his punk playing on "My Generation" to his playing to the synthesizer tracks like "Baba O'Riley," "Won't Get Fooled Again" and the Quadrophenia album, Keith Moon expanded the range and vocabulary of the rock drummer. Moon's style ranged from big band, surf, rock and proto-punk.


On Moon's drum style, John Entwistle stated, "[Moon] didn't play from left to right or right to left, he'd play forward. When you see him playing mad breaks, he's not going around the kit, his arms are moving forward from the snare to the toms. I've never seen anyone play like that before or since.


On advice Moon would give to people taking up the drums, Keith is attributed with saying, "Learn guitar." If one listens to Moon's playing (or sees video of The Who live), Keith is playing off of Who guitarist, Pete Townshend more than Moon is keeping time by playing off of Who bassist John Entwistle.

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