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Keith Moon resting his headNovember 1973, Moon passed out during the San Francisco stop on the Quadrophenia tour. Video of this event can be found on the 30 Years of Maximum R & B video release.
In 1974, Moon completed acting roles in two movies, Uncle Ernie in Tommy and J.D. Clover in in Stardust, the sequel to That'll Be The Day. Moon visited Los Angeles and stayed in a rented Santa Monica beach house with John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and Harry Nilsson.


Keith Moon on a rocking horseMoon had such a good time that he would soon move to Los Angeles for the partying and an attempt at an acting career. While in Los Angeles, Moon hosted the popular American Television show, In Concert, which featured Keith playing a drum solo with goldfish swimming in his drum kit. The Who released Odds & Sods, a collection of Who B-sides and rejected album songs that included Moon singing a bit on "Now I'm A Farmer."
In March 1975, Moon released his only solo album, Two Sides of the Moon, with Keith singing on all of the tunes which included a John Lennon original and cover songs loved by Moon.

Moon received a $200,000 non-refundable advance for the album. Moon stated at the time of the release of the solo album, "I didn't know I was capable of some of the vocals that I had done . . . My commitment to the album is total, I wouldn't bother with it otherwise. I think it's commercial and will sell." In 1997 the solo album was re-issued with eight additional tracks.


Winter 1975, The Who released The Who By Numbers. Moon's excellent drumming can be heard on "Dreaming From the Waist," "Success Story" and "In Hand or Face." In 1976, Moon sang "When I'm Sixty Four" for the soundtrack record to the movie All This and World War II. In 1977, Moon appeared in the movie Sextette. Moon also appeared in concert on stage with Led Zeppelin.

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