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Moon on drumsFebruary 1970, The Who played at Leeds University for a live album. Live at Leeds is considered live rock & roll at its finest particularly "Summertime Blues" and "My Generation."
In January 1971, Moon made his acting debut in the Frank Zappa conceived, 200 Motels, a film about a musician's life on the road. Moon wanted to be an actor after his involvement in this film.
Summer 1971, The Who released the album Who's Next .


Moon in bedThe original cover idea was to have Moon dressed in woman's undergarments. Moon produced the violin solo at the end of "Baba O'Riley." Moon's drumming is superlative particularly on "Bargain," "Going Mobile" and "Won't Get Fooled Again." The press party for the release of Who's Next was held at Moon's recently purchased Tara estate in Chertsey, England.


Keith Moon dressed up In 1972, "Relay" was released as a single with the Moon composition "Wasp Man" as the B-side. Moon acted in the motion picture, That'll Be The Day, as drummer J.D. Clover. Moon played Uncle Ernie in the stage production of Tommy. Summer of 1973, Moon would do a series of music radio shows for the British Broadcasting Corporation including "Life with the Moons," a series of skits, routines and send-ups while Keith would play some of his favorite music.


Fall 1973, The Who released the double album Quadrophenia composed by Pete Townshend with Moon singing "Bell Boy." Quadrophenia is about the four-faceted Jimmy, a Mod from 1964-1965, who climbs on The Rock to examine his life. Each member of The Who had a theme. Moon's theme was "a bloody lunatic, I'll even carry your bags," needing the attention of others while keeping up a front of self-containment at the same time. "The Real Me," "Bell Boy" and "Love Reign O'er Me" are the significant tracks. Moon also sang on "We Close Tonight" which was released on the re-issue of Odds & Sods.

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