More Biography on Keith Moon

Moon with a girlMoon's greatness behind the drumkit is often overshadowed by his public image as "Moon the Loon." Keith Moon is known more for dressing up like Adolf Hitler (in places such as Steve McQueen's Malibu house), striping naked in airports and on television shows, destroying hotel rooms, swinging from chandeliers, throwing televisions out of hotel windows, putting cherry bombs in toilets, leaving a hovercraft on train tracks disrupting train schedules, being quick with word play, puns and the funny joke, passing out at concerts and consuming super human amounts of alcohol and pharmaceuticals.


This public image of Keith Moon was so pronounced that the Muppet character, Animal, whose credo is "Drums. Women. Food." was inspired by Moon.
Keith Moon's commitment to The Who and his love of all things Who made Moon The Who's biggest fan. Moon stated time and again that there was nothing more important to him than The Who.


On September 7, 1978, Keith Moon died in his sleep due to an overdose of the prescription drug, Heminevrin. Keith Moon was survived by his ex-wife Kim, a daughter, Amanda, a loyal girlfriend Annette and countless Who fans.

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